Why Hero Images are Important on a Website

Have you heard of the term “hero image?” If not, you’re in luck! This article will discuss what a hero image is, why it’s important, and how to select the best one for your site.

Let’s get to it!

What is a hero image?

A hero image is a design term for a website. It is the large image at the top of any website, right below the navigation bar, but still above website content. It can be a static image or a moving one and is typically the full width of a webpage. It is also called a hero header, and it serves as any site visitor’s first look at your company and your offering.

Why is a hero image important?

A hero image, as mentioned above, immediately grabs the attention of your site visitor. A good one to have is a high-resolution image to entice website viewers to further explore. And if you have a hero image that is also nicely designed, it tells visitors that they should have a good opinion of your company. It also says that you can be trusted since you care about making sure you have a good quality image.

The best hero image you can use is one where you display your company’s unique selling proposition and your call to action, enticing visitors to do something immediately after visiting your site.

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Website Design Trends This 2022

When it comes to design, there are always trends, and websites aren’t any different. And with people spending more of their time online, you have to ask yourself this question: is your website standing out and getting the attention of potential customers?

If not, what can you do to improve your website?

Well, read on for three website design trends for 2022.

Trend 1: Going for a one-page website

Less is more will always ring true. More websites are going for fewer menus and link navigation and just going for one page where people just scroll down.

If you go for this trend, it means you will be forced to compress what you want to tell your visitors. And that also means your message will be more focused and will be clearer to the visitors.

Trend 2: Bold colors

Just because your website is simple doesn’t mean you can’t go for a more colorful look. Strong and bright colors will catch the attention of viewers and will help separate your website from those with softer and more neutral color choices.

Trend 3: Faster loading times

Since people have way shorter attention spans nowadays, it’s better to not keep them waiting. Make sure your website content loads quickly, especially your most important talking points. You’ll be able to outrank and outperform your competitors this way. Your conversion and ranking will also improve as a result.

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Your Company Needs A Website: Three Reasons Why

Does your business have a website?

You might be thinking that websites are not necessary for this day and age. After all, you can simply get attention by running ads on social media platforms. And you might be thinking that you already have enough business. Why spend more money on making a website?

Well, here are three reasons why.

Your business will look more credible.

One big reason to have a website is to make your business look more credible. Think about it: businesses who only have Facebook or Instagram accounts don’t look legitimate, right? Having a website gives a great first impression and reassures people that you’re an actual business or company.

You will be found more by potential customers.

One of the best ways to be found by more customers is to be visible via search engines - via having a website! As long as your website is optimized, you’ll have no problem being found by people searching for your products.

Your company will not be dependent on platforms you don’t own.

Remember that time Facebook crashed for a long period of time? And then various businesses couldn’t run ads or post new content? You can bet that companies with their own websites weren’t panicking. They could continue as usual posting content, updates, and products on their own domains. If you have a website, you won’t be panicking when platforms you can’t control suddenly go down.

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